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  • TypeBamboo Bath Towel
  • Model No.2014
  • Material70%Bamboo 30%Cotton
  • Yarn Count21s/2
  • Size70*140
  • Gsm680


Choose towel absorbency and softness from the viewpoint of , easy to dry washable , good ventilation design , instant dry , super comfortable feel, no smell, no mildew, the finest original ecological wood fiber is refined, moisturizing , breathable, antibacterial , anti-static instantly make you feel like being in the nature of greenery . In the summer can effectively bring good mood to you! no smell, no mildew yellow !


 Select bamboo fiber towels , mainly because of hollow bamboo fiber cross- sectional height , with large and small irregular pores can absorb and evaporate in an instant large amounts of water , which is absorbent cotton three times , the industry experts known as "breathing" of the fiber and the " fiber Queen ." Summer use wood fiber towel , that cool and breathable.


 Our main product series are bathroom towels, face towels, bath towels, beach towels, compressed towels, dish towels, embroidered towels, hand towels, luxury towels, monogrammed towels, printed towels, micro towels and so on. We can also accept OEM service, and customize design and personal package, so that we can meet all kinds of demands. 

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